Industrial Robots / SCARA
  • Excellent structural rigidity.
  • High response brushless servo motors.
  • Absolute encoders for instant readiness after power up.
  • Standard RS-232 and TCP/IP communication.
  • Advanced 32-bit real-time motion control kernel.
  • Comprehensive software tools and utilities.
  • General purpose digital inputs and outputs for custom use.
  • Meets ISO Force standards.
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface.
DispensingPick-and-PlaceScrew Driving & DrillingWelding & Gluing


He-Five provides automation solutions through reliable robotic industrial equipment. Our mission is to deliver the best and most effective products on the market.

Our HF200, a four-axis SCARA robot, is an elegant solution for repetitive pick-and-place tasks in “lights out” factories and laboratory environments. HF200 is used in applications such as small parts handling and consumer electronics testing. HF200’s unique combination of speed/safety allows it to operate at full speed and deliver industrial throughput in applications where operators can move freely around the robot without concerns for their safety or impacting production.

The HF200’s structural design is also compatible with tabletop applications. The controller and harnessing are embedded within the robot’s structure, eliminating external component installations.

Additionally, our intuitive interface is built in directly in the robot controller, requiring only a PC or tablet with WiFi and a web browser to operate the robot.

Input Voltage Range
  • 100 to 240VAC
  • 200mm
Encoder Type
  • Absolute, battery backup
Operating Temperature
  • 50ºF to 104ºF
  • 10ºC to 40ºC
Range of Motion
  • Z - 200 mm
  • J1 - ±120 deg
  • J2 - ±120 deg
  • J3 - ±180 deg
Performance Max
  • Max Acceleration - 2 m/s²
  • Max Speed - 1 m/s
  • Max Payload - 3 kg*
  • (*including gripper)
  • ± 50 μm
Air source (Optional)
  • 0.05 to 0.35 MPa

Interchangeable grippers allow for the use of multiple different applications.

Safety In Mind

Built-in failsafes for unexpected collision and calibrated for a mixed manufacturing environment.

Easy-To-Use And
Robust Software

User-friendly web-based interface compatible with PC and Tablet.

Code-Free Programming

Drag-and-Drop command blocks allow for intuitive and easy programming of the robot.